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We suggest that when citing primary sources in the collection you include standard bibliographic references to both the primary source material and the point of online access. These may include:

When citing Harvard Library webpages or original content, such as the essays, use standard bibliographic references for webpages and websites.

Example Citations 

These examples use The Chicago Manual of Style Online bibliographic citation standard:

Unpublished materials (including letters and manuscripts)

Eustis, William, “Autograph manuscript letter to Helena Merlino de Saint Pry Treat; Boston, 1816 April 9,” Bennette Claude Merlino de Saint Pry papers and Treat family papers, 1764-1843. MS Fr 505.1 (149). Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., accessed October 19, 2015, http://colonialnorthamerican.library.harvard.edu/items/show/6971.

Published materials

Winthrop, John, 1714-1779. "Papers of John and Hannah Winthrop, 1728-1789. Annotated almanac," 1746. HUM 9 Box 4, Volume 7, Harvard University Archives, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass, accessed October 19, 2015, http://colonialnorthamerican.library.harvard.edu/items/show/5718.

Specific webpage

"The Winthrops: A Harvard Family," The Colonial American Project at Harvard University, accessed October 19, 2015, http://colonialnorthamerican.library.harvard.edu/exhibits/show/winthrops/winthrops.

The entire website

“The Colonial North American Project at Harvard University,” Harvard University, accessed October 19, 2015, http://colonialnorthamerican.library.harvard.edu.